A Message from Rev. Jonathan

The Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto is blessed in myriad ways. We have been the recipients of such great support from our community over the years and for this we are so grateful. Thank you for your continued support of this place, your Spiritual Centre.

Part of the philosophy we teach is that everything we experience in life is an opportunity to deepen our awareness of Spirit in all things. Everything that happens is for our highest benefit even if what we are experiencing seems contrary to that idea. When things seem to be falling apart around us, it is because our greatness can no longer be contained by the limitations we’ve put in place, something new must be born. We call this emergent evolution.

Right now, as a community, we are called upon to put this philosophy of emergent evolution into practice. We are currently experiencing a financial glitch. I embrace this glitch as an opportunity for spiritual growth and an expansion of prosperity consciousness for all of us. This glitch is, simply put, in 2016 we are experiencing the first recognizable decline in our general contributions since my tenure began as Spiritual Director.

  • This year’s donations as of July 31, 2016 are down 9% compared to this same period in 2015 and 20% below our budgeted target for income for this period in 2016.
  • This drop has been coupled with a 16% increase in our expenses compared with this period in 2015.
  • As a result, we are in an overall deficit position so far in 2016.

It is understandable that we may appear to be successful and might not require much financial support. One of the ways we may look successful is in the recent acquisition and renovation of the second floor space in our building. The appearance belies the relative facts which are:

  • The renovation costs were underwritten entirely through an anonymous directed contribution.
  • We have been gifted several months of rental relief for that space by the owner of our property.
  • We have received some rental income for the use of the space. As a result, this space has been operating at a net zero cost for 2016.

For the Centre to maintain financial solvency it requires an average income of $40 per seat, per Sunday whether that seat is occupied or not. That may seem like a lot, but these are the facts for most Centres for Spiritual Living. On average, 76% of our total income is derived from donations. The remaining 24% comes from other revenue opportunities including class tuition, fundraising, store sales, and by renting the centre’s space. At this time, those other revenue streams are not enough to cover 2016’s drop in contributions.

I feel it is also imperative to be transparent with this community and inform you that we still have outstanding interest free loans on which we are making payments when possible. These loans were taken in 2015 to ensure the success of last year’s Canadian New Thought Conference. As of today we still owe a total of $15,900.

The current facts are simple: we are currently off course, and require a correction to bring our income and expenses into alignment.

I am asking for your help so that we may make this course correction as a community. What am I asking? I am asking that you commit to a 10% increase in your regular contributions to the Centre – or more if it is comfortable. Alternatively, if you feel compelled to offer a special one-time contribution, that would be amazing!

If you are not currently a part of our STEP Up program for pre-authorized giving I invite you to talk to me or any of the current STEP Up participants to learn how being a consistent supporting member of the Centre has enriched their lives. Many will tell you that their first experience at the Centre for Spiritual Living felt like they had come home. We invite all of you to experience that sense of deep commitment to your spiritual community.

The evolution of our Spiritual community depends on all our collective support as a Spiritual family. Your consistent contributions ensure a stable financial foundation on which all we offer is built. I am so grateful for all of you who support our Centre, and I trust I echo the feelings of the entire Board of Trustees as well.

With love, light, and deep gratitude,


Rev. Jonathan Zenz
Spiritual Director


Make your renewed commitment by clicking here to download a 2016 Course Correction Form.

Once you've completed your commitment form please email it to revjonathan@csltoronto.com