We really do need one another.

We really do need one another.

A Parable.

Up in the cosmos way beyond where any human can imagine, there are billions of light souls frolicking in the Universe. Laughing, loving and enjoying heavenly music. One day, a few of the Light being peered beyond the horizon and noticed a big green, blue ball. Puzzled they asked, “Creator, what is that big green, blue ball over there?”

The Creator answered, "Oh, It’s one of my many creations."

“What do you call it?", inquired the Light Beings.

"I call it EARTH."

“EARTH? Sounds intriguing. What is it?”, asked the Light Beings.

"Well, EARTH is a physical plane that has many beautiful experiences to be had such as diverse nature, great food, animals, and at this time in earth’s realm experiences with technology like Netflix and Smartphones. "

“Wow, that sounds interesting, can we go there?”

"You always have free will choice, but there some things you should know about."

"Earth is a physical plane,, therefore; for you to experience earth you will have to take on a body."

“A body?”

"Yes, like an Earth Suit."


"Well, there are other things you need to know, some Laws are the same here such as The Law of Cause and Effect, and then there is also the Law of the Survival of the Fittest to survive on Earth.

You will encounter experiences we don’t have up here because the human beings are trying to survive on Earth. Greed, fear, pain such sadness and having your feelings hurt are all some of the experiences you will be subjected to living on Earth. The choices you make while surviving on Earth will have an impact on your experience."

“What! We don’t have those things in this realm.”

"No, it will be a new experience, and you will forget who you indeed are and that you actually live in a benevolent Universe."


"Yes, also you will encounter many other Light Beings in Earth Suits who will have even forgotten who they are."


"Yes, and something else, there are some Light Beings you will enjoy and other whom you won’t. Yet every encounter you have with another being you have an opportunity to recognize the Light within and all connected to one another."

“OK, we will always remember to see the Light in everyone we meet.”

"Hmm…That’s what they all say. On the earth plane you need each other, If you can’t go it alone no matter how much you may, look and feel different from one another. We are all one."

"Can we go now?”

"Yes, of course, you have Free Will Choice. Remember you are always loved."

“OK! BYE!”

And with that, the Light Beings left the cosmos to live a human life.

Would you like to hear the rest of the story?

It’s history, and you are living it!

We cannot live only for ourselves. Infinite fibers of energy connect us to each other.   We came from the same source of love, and we are here to celebrate each other, enjoy life. Let's create a community, a world that works for everyone.

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Don’t jump—step into change

The first thing that usually stems to mind when I imagine the importance of change in a person’s life is the commonly held myth that if we resist change, we maintain our security. In truth, everything is in continual flux, and the only constant we can rely on is change.


Always the optimist, I tend to think about change in terms of increasing our happiness—pursuing the career that fulfills you, moving to the city or town that makes your heart sing or brings peace to your soul, or going back to school to feed your mind and perhaps follow a path you wish you had previously. But one morning last month, as I took my daily walk across a Bridge in north Toronto, I was met with police, an ambulance and a car of people who were calling for help. One of the officers asked me if I had seen anything and after I replied that I hadn’t, she asked me if I could kindly walk on the other side of the road, or respectfully not to look down into the valley.

Someone had jumped.

I felt as if I could feel the blood draining out of my heart until it felt sunken and empty. We are all deeply connected. The thought that someone found themselves so alone or without hope that they needed to jump off a bridge to end their life connects me to that void I think we all feel sometimes.

What’s behind the suicides it feels like we’re hearing about more and more often? Loneliness? Isolation? A lack of human connection? Sometimes it’s the people with the seemingly fullest lives that we find out were the most alone after they make the choice to jump.

So today as I reflect on this month’s theme at cslto of ‘Say yes to change’, I realize change can be much less dramatic than packing up and moving. Change can mean the courage to reach out to another person for support.

Change doesn’t always lead to less security—in fact, allowing yourself the freedom in life to change in ways that feed you can mean more security for your spirit. And connecting with other people can help us all find the safe space we need.

What will be your change this month?

Try this: Write a reflection starting with ‘The change I need now is…’