Fitting in is overrated

Do you ever feel afraid to reveal yourself? To share your unique talents, to stand out from the crowd?

In modern Western society, we're taught from a young age to fit in, to fall in line. Not to be too outrageous, too loud, 'too' anything. We're made to blend in, and avoid drawing attention to ourselves at all costs.

But as individualized expressions of God, why would we be taught to hide our unique brilliance? Many people are following a path they were told is the ‘right’ one, whether by a parent, a spouse or societal messages all of us internalize sometimes.

Often we realize desire is knocking at our door, a desire to do more, share more, be more (of who we really are, that is), but we're afraid. And if we do go as far as finding the chutzpah to take a step in the direction of our deepest desires, we're apologetic. We want to tread quietly, carefully, not cause a stir or make a scene—even when we know somewhere inside that it's our beautiful scene to make.

What scene is yours to make?

This month’s theme at cslto is Celebrate our unique oneness.

Try this: Think about what makes you unique. What about your uniqueness makes you feel proud? Now close your eyes, breathe deeply and, with your hand on your heart, ask yourself, 'what in this world is my scene to make?'

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