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Workshops & Classes


Practitioners complete years of intensive study and training to earn a professional license which enables them to work with individuals to help them understand and apply the spiritual principles taught at GTC Los Angeles and Centers for Spiritual Living. 

Details of the courses required on the path to becoming a Practitioner are as follows:

(Choose One Class From Each Category)


  • New Foundations Of Science Of Mind

  • Beyond Limits

  • Spiritual Path / Spiritual Mind Treatment

Ernest Holmes Philosophy:

  • The Essential Ernest Holmes

  • Building A Healing Consciousness / Principles Of Successful Living


  • Exploring Roots / Emerson's Essays

  • From Whence We Came

And Choose:

Consciousness (3 Classes)

  • The Edinburgh Lectures

  • Creative Process In The Individual / Treatment And Meditation

  • Power Of Your Word

  • Building A Healing Consciousness

  • Meditation Is More Than You Think

  • Practical Mysticism

  • Self Mastery: The Emergence Of The True Self



(1 Class & 2 From Consciousness List Above)

  • Bible History & Scholarship

  • Essential Emma Curtis Hopkins

  • Financial Freedom

  • Bible Wisdom

  • It's All God

  • Magic Of The Soul

  • Metaphorical Approach To The Bible

  • Mind/Body Connection

  • Myth & Spirit

  • Power Of Decision

  • Principles Of Successful Living

  • Shortcut To A Miracle

  • Spiritual Laws

  • Spiritual Economics

  • Spiritual Fitness

  • 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success

  • Treat Yourself To Life

  • This Thing Called You

  • Visioning

  • What The Mystics Knew

  • 5 Gifts For An Abundant Life

  • Prosperity Plus I Or II