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Positively Speaking! Be meticulous with EVERY word you say. Facilitated by Jackie van Mels LSP

Are you ready for the challenge of all challenges – something to leave you feeling refreshed, energized and ready to receive more good in 2018 than you can possibly imagine?

If yes – why not join us in a 21-Day Detox to remove negative talk from our language.  For 21-days we will be asked to let go of ALL complaining, criticism, judgment and gossip!  Yes, even talking critically about the weather is off limits!!

When: February 10th - March 2nd, 2018 (please register in advance (like now!))

What: 21 activities, one per day, to help us speak our truth.

Who: For absolutely anyone who wants to rock n roll 2018 with words of love, inspiration and joy!


What's the intention of the challenge?

Simply experiment.  Experiment with words. Explore how we use our words to better understand why we say what we say and how our words impacts our well-being. 


What to expect on this journey?

·      Daily videos: Guided, inspired action for 21 days in a row

·      Facebook Community: To support and encourage growth through sharing and caring

·      1 LIVE Q&A call: To help us stay focused and on track

Facilitated by Jackie van Mels LSP

Join us for this 21 Day Challenge for $21.00.   An investment worth every cent!






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