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Attune to Love - Unplugged Heart and Soul Gathering

Join us for a meditative, interactive and joyful heart and soul gathering.

Experience your pure essence. Tap limitless possibilities, and feel the power of:

  • Unplugging from influences that erode confidence and rain on your creative parade.
  • Dissolve stressful thoughts that inflame fear and false perceptions.
  • Activating your imagination to connect with a vision of your life that feels magical.

Enjoy conscious media that interweaves imagery, verse, and music as a colourful tapestry of imagination in service to attuning to the call of Soul and your highest destiny.

Korrine is a creative messenger and teacher for those on a spiritual path of awakening, fervent to honor the call of  Soul.

You find yourself intrigued as you smirk from her unexpected humour. Soon becoming captivated, tears roll as you share sympathy during painful, plot tragedies. Finally you come to a bittersweet conclusion... Smiling as you realize her time serving others is done. You try to find a suiting thanks, worthy hail for such a lovely experience. But her phrases of wisdom that have inspired you cannot be awarded enough. Therefore, you can only give praise to such an author— one with the ability to create such a beautiful classic.

Author of Poetic Ascension: Attuned to Love and creator of Poetry with Benefits video series, Korrine weaves art and poetry into a tapestry of universal teachings that invite viewers to experience the healing power of Love through beauty, color, harmony, and Pure Presence . 

As a creative messenger and guide for well-being, she draws upon her experiences as an artist, certified life coach, energy healer, and executive coach for leaders and teams. With clients ranging from CEO’s to inner-city, at-risk teens and college students, she helps people resolve hardships that drain their energy and smother their aspirations.

$35 - if you purchase online ($39 at the door)

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Later Event: May 14
Healthy , Wealthy, Wise