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A Sense of Happiness : Summer Edition

  • CSL Toronto 1311 Queen Street East Toronto, ON, M4L 1C2 Canada (map)

Hosted by Kerry Garnier


Things to know about happiness: Happiness protects your heart and strengthens your immune system. It combats stress, disease and disability and may even help to reduce aches and pains. There is even research now showing that happiness is contagious. If you are happy, then your neighbours, friends, siblings and spouse all have an increased chance of becoming more happy (up to 34%). 


Each of us has our own unique internal happiness set-point. What we are learning more and more is that happiness is an inside job and we can move this set-point up, over time, to increased levels of happiness. Ways that have been shown to be effective at increasing happiness are: mindfulness, laughter, community, being outdoors, moving your body and experiencing life through your senses. Join Kerry in an experiential day dedicated to playing with happiness.

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