Rev. Helen Valleau

Author, Speaker, Coach and Visioning expert, Helen believes that every person has the infinite potential to live a life of greatness and purpose and make a positive contribution to the world.

Helen began studying The Science of Mind at Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto in 2007 after receiving a calling to Ministry.  The teachings were a confirmation of how powerful and precious we all are and an awakening the power of Affirmative Prayer.  It is an honour for Helen to be affiliated with Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto and serve on as an assistant minister.

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioners

Would you like a Practitioner to contact you directly?

If you would like to set up a session with a licensed Practitioner please call the Centre at 416-778-5433 to make an appointment or fill out the form.

Practitioners are dedicated to the realization, embodiment and demonstration of Spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness in the lives of all people. They can assist you with a deeper realization of the Spiritual Truth of any situation in your life.

There is a fee of $60 to meet with a Licensed Practitioner and you can expect the session to last approximately 30 minutes. This is not a counseling session. The purpose of the session with a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is to discover the root cause of the issue and through Affirmative Prayer Treatment to lead you to the embodiment of a new belief.

Spiritual counseling sessions are also available with our Ministers. A Spiritual counseling session typically lasts 60 minutes and the fee is $140/hour.

Sonia Byrne

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Board of Trustees Member

As an author, speaker and corporate coach, Sonia works with corporations and individuals so that "Love What YOU Do!" can be more deeply embodied in the personal and professional fibre of companies across the world. She came to the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto experience the New Year's celebration for 2011 and has been a member, workshop facilitator and speaker before becoming a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner in 2015. Sonia is pleased to serve as an Adjunct Board Member and is continuing her studies in Ministerial Education.

Her strong connection to Divine purpose was threaded through her upbringing in rural Newfoundland. Today she works with companies in North America, Europe and the Middle East to lead developmental and cultural change incentives.

Michel Dault

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Board of Trustees Adjunct Member

Michel is a Native of Northern Ontario, with a background in hotel restaurant management. Michel owned and operated a family restaurant in Temagami. He found Science of Mind teachings in 2009, and dove into the teachings in classes and Practitioner studies. These teachings have transformed his life and many people in his life. His focus is on Divine Truth at all times, and to recognize and reveal Divinity in everyone, and to realize the full power of our word. There is Love, and there is Law, Love shows you the way and the Law makes the way possible. Michel’s Intention is to speak the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. He believes in the Golden Rule, In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.        

Lina Di Santo

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Lina is first generation Canadian, born of Italian decent and whose parents immigrated to Canada in late 1950’s.

First born of 4 girls and leading by example, creating opportunities for her siblings while informing parents of perceived cultural variances. Blending the best of both cultures is at the core for Lina.

The love of learning the unknown has always been a fascination for Lina, specifically on how the Mind works and how it impacts people to be who they are.

Attending the Center for Spiritual Living shortly after brain surgery from a concussion due to a cycling accident, Lina found her new community in Fall 2011. As Reverend Jonathan Zenz started courses the moment he arrived at the Center in Jan 2012, Lina engaged in the studies. It stemmed from looking for a new way to Live Life. It served as her recovery and discovery!

From her first Mental Muscle Bootcamp came her message through ONE word: L.O.V.E.

“Lots of Vibrant Energy” and knowing that everything is Energy, the healing was all about reconnecting to that.

Lina is a “Jill of All Trades”, Mastering “ONE”. Having studied many philosophies and healing modalities, the message is Universal and that it is all about Oneness.  She believes that Mastering” ONE” starts with the Self, the Beliefs, the thought, and the actions in creating a fulfilling Life of Being.

Embodying the Philosophy of Science of Mind, she connected all the dots with her previous studies over more than a decade.

Lina feels it’s a daily practice and constant evolution to our greatest Self. There is always more to know.

One of Lina’s favourite quotes: “I Aspire to Inspire before I Expire” Eugene Bell Jr.

Can be reached at

Shahroze Merali

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Fred Ouimette

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Board of Trustees Vice President

Fred was raised in Northern Ontario which provided him with his great love of nature and understanding of the relationship of the environment. He has spent most of his adult life in the GTA working in the magazine industry as Publisher of several national publications. He has lived with the belief that, “if it feels like you are pedaling against the current, turn the boat around”. This has led him to his current position managing the magazines for Canadian Wildlife Federation, where he has married his love for nature with his expertise.

After a few years of informal studying to deepen his spiritual muscle, he found this philosophy thousands of miles away on a cruise ship where he met a man who would become his mentor. Since that time he has embraced this philosophy as a way of life and practices every single moment. He knows that his this is what his life was meant to be and that his gift to is to see the truth in every single person he meets. His love for the Centre for Spiritual Living in Toronto extends beyond the walls of the Centre to anywhere he is.

Margaret Anne Snider

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Margaret Anne is a native of Toronto.  She was raised in the New Thought teachings and has always loved knowing she is Divine.  Her work experience has been eclectic, working in accounting and computer information systems. She renewed her early life’s direction of spiritual study and service in 2001, studying spiritual psychotherapy and attaining Reiki Master. A friend brought her to Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto on her birthday in 2009 and she immediately dove into the Science Of Mind teachings. Her devotion is to respond to the Divine in all people and to recognize the Common Essence in everything. To be a Science of Mind Practitioner is the commitment of her heart.

Judy Southon

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Judy has a background in teaching and project management. It was when her husband developed dementia in 2006 that she was led to the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto in search of spiritual support. Science of Mind has transformed her life and at a critical time in her journey. Judy now guides others individually and in workshops showing how to see the person behind the dementia. She is certified in DementiAbility Methods - the Montessori Way™.

She is grateful for her continuing knowledge of the creative power that dwells within each of us and is committed to a life of spiritual growth and service.

Lynda Visosky

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Board of Trustees Member

Lynda is a motivator, life coach, mentor and enthusiastic volunteer. She is committed to a life of service in her community. Lynda dedicated much of her time as an integral part of several committees including the Gala events at the Centre. She also serves on the Board of Trustees. She has successfully utilized her skills in marketing and has served as a leader in building several companies in Toronto over the past 20 years.

She came to the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto on the suggestion of a friend and immediately felt at home. She has embraced the Science of Mind teachings as her way of life. For Lynda these teachings confirmed the Divinity in each and every person and our Oneness with all.

Lynda is grateful for her beloved family and many friends. True to her loving style, Lynda greets each and every person entering the Centre with a warm and loving heart.

Lynda has spent the past twenty years in service on the Board of the Canadian Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in Toronto diligently raising funds for the Sherpa people of Nepal.

Lynda's life is one of service and she currently dedicates her life to supporting others in their renewal and healing. This is her sacred calling.

Practitioner Interns

Practitioner Interns are students learning the art of affirmative prayer. As part of their education to become licensed spiritual practitioners these students may work to assist you with a deeper realization of the Spiritual Truth of any situation in your life.

There is no fee to meet with a Practitioner Intern. You can expect the session to last approximately 30 minutes. This is not a counselling session.

Carole Calder

Kerry Garnier

Laure Leckwold

Nick Miceli

Ellen Neal

Jackie van Mels

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the fiduciary and legal health of the Centre. Currently serving on the Board of Trustees:

Jim Cerswell - President

Fred Ouimette - Vice President

Lynette DeMello - Secretary

Fran Correa - Treaurer

Sonia Byrne - Trustee

Kerry Garnier - Trustee

Rebecca Naylor - Trustee

Marjorie Wingrove - Trusteee

Lynda Visosky - Trustee

Michel Dault - Adjunct